HokuProps | Uther The Lightbringer
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Uther The Lightbringer

Uther the Lightbringer
This costume is a collaborative effort between Zach Fischer and Hokuprops.
Uther has always been my favorite character and I knew I wanted to bring him back from the grave someday, how I was going to do that I had no idea but I wanted to do it in a fashion that would be plausible based off lore. It was with this that Zach Fischer @zfischerart and I sat down to theory-craft some plausible ways for this to happen, we started constructing a theory that the Naaru needed a grand champion of the Light and no other figure embodied the Light more than the Lightbringer himself. It is known that Uther’s spirit has remained in a state of unrest occasionally making his presence known. The Naaru only had to gather his tormented soul from the Twisting Nether and create a vessel for him to inhabit, it was with this thinking that Zach got to designing Uther The Lightbound.

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